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Is your Refrigerator running all of the time?

Posted on August 24, 2014 at 9:52 PM
Is Your Refrigerator running all of the time? You may want to check your door gaskets.
A worn-out gasket can cause your fridge to run warm, and more often, leading to higher electric bills and wear and tear on your fridge.
  • Here are a couple of things to check for when inspecting your gasket:
  • Look for condensation or black mold. If you find either, the gasket should be replaced.
  • Take a dollar bill and close the refrigerator door on it. Try pulling on the bill slowly. If there's a slight drag on the bill, your gasket is okay. If the bill slides out easily then it's time for a new gasket. 
  • Schedule an appointment  with us (760) 902-1212. We will diagnose and service your Refrigerator.

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